19 in 2019

Surround yourself with people who remind you of what you can be and love you for what you are. (3).png

Here they are.

My goals for the year.

They are big and sometimes vague. They are not perfect. I don’t know how to completely quantify them. They require more details and more specifics to know that I’ve achieved them. I wrote them with the assumption that I will fail. If I don’t fail at reaching these goals they aren’t big enough.

Some of them are very specific. Some of them are not. However if I reach them and strive for them it will be a good year. I don’t know what shape they will all take. Youtube piano lessons or in person. I don’t know if they will be over night vacations to family or week long vacations to the beach. I just know we need more vacations. I don’t totally know what “Take care of me” looks like but I do know that I’m happier when I meditate daily and listen to daily affirmations so I will start there, knowing if I end up averaging 4 times a week that’s better than no times a week. As Gretchen Rubin says a two mile walk done is better than a four mile run never done.

I like this list. This list is fun. It is balanced with the right amount of learning, and pushing, and creating, and laughing, and snuggling.

These goals can evolve. They can change shape. They are merely a snapshot of where I want to go at the beginning of 2019, not necessarily where I will end up. I’m excited to try, to have fun, to fail, and to choose happy.

  1. Cut and donate hair.

  2. Complete and implement Dave Ramsey Course.

  3. Reading Challenge.

  4. Save the earth. Less waste, less meat.

  5. Complete Knitting Class.

  6. Photo organization- 2017, 2018, Spain, Europe, Vacation.

  7. Cook through and organize Grandma’s recipes.

  8. Do one thing new each month.

  9. Kid Lit writing- 3 new stories, 2 NYC events

  10. Social Media Sunday Break

  11. Fit into my wedding and engagement ring

  12. Join a board of a non-profit.

  13. Help and plan implement 2019/2020 Lawyer Moms of America

  14. More vacations

  15. Run under 10 minute mile and race a 10k

  16. Family Season Bucket List- Top 100

  17. More Family 1:1 times- dates and early bed solo time with the boys

  18. Piano Lessons for the kiddos/Guitar lessons for me

  19. Take care of me! Daily meditation/affirmation and weekly yoga

(This list does not capture business goals. They get their own list. Just because I love what I do, both main job and side hustle, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have separate goals. )