September cheer is here.

Okay, okay.  So I was a bit aspirational for August.  50 miles walked?  Yeah, that didn't happen.  Exercised every day but rest days?  Yes.  Meditate every day?  Nope.  (Although way more than the month before.)  Healthy eating?  Yes!  5 spa nights?  Yeppers.  I definitely did not get to all the books I planned on reading.  So it was a mixed bag.

This month here is the plan:

- Finish LIIFT 4

- Start Piyo (More on this in a later post.)

- Walk 2 days a week.  (Anyone want to be my walking buddy?)

- Eat health: This means, lots LOTS of veggies, lots LOTS of water, and eating food as close to the sources as possible.  Keeping processed sugar to a minimum.  Keeping gluten to a minimum.  (No, I'm not allergic but man do I bloat after I eat it.  Its time for me to admit that my body does not like it.)  

- Finish Middlesex and another book from the shelf of books I never read.  (Yes, I have been reading Middlesex for what seems like forever.) 

- Start knitting.  Its on my 18 in 2018 list and if I don't start it soon its never going to happen.

- Finish my Goal setting course.  I'm getting tantalizingly close. Stay tuned for the chance to be part of the first group through the course by the end of the month!

- Dates which each kid and husband.  Yes another good one from 18 of 2018.  It hasn't happened but it will soon.  Already have some good plans!  (So what if they're all in my head.  They will happen this month!)

- Finishing tweaking third draft of one book and get to a second draft of another. 

What about you?  Back to school is year.  What are your plans?