August- My last chance


Okay, don't hate me for saying this but I sort of view August as my last chance to get after my yearly goals.  Hear me out.  Once September hits we're back to school, back to sports, back to birthday parties (at least in my family) and back to all the holidays.  If I'm not careful suddenly its January and I'm making a new list of goals.  

Many of my goals year after year have to do with self care.  That whole you can't pour from an empty cup thing.  I LOVE being busy and I love my goals and my to do list but if I'm sick or tired or run down none of that will happen.  Back to school also means back to more good TV (although with Netflix it never really stops does it?)  It might mean less sleep.  Post season baseball definitely means less sleep.  

So here I am in August figuring out the time line for the rest of the year.  When do I need to hit my goals.  When will those goals happen.  What's next?  It all happens in August.  Its also my last chance to look at my calendar and squeeze in our summer bucket list.  No lazy days of summer for me.

These were my goals for the month:  

I will walk 50 miles.
I will do 25 workouts.
I will meditate 20 times. 
I will do weekly spa nights. (This might mean just a Trader Joes mask but whatever.)

Other suggestions were drink more water, get some sleep.  All great ideas.  

And here's another one inspired by my new mug.  Set goals.  Dream big.  But be patient, oh so patient with myself.

What about you?  Do you view August as your last chance too?