Self care is not selfish.

Surround yourself with people who remind you of what you can be and love you for what you are. (4).png

I often, no maybe always, think of self care in terms of me.  Maybe its I have boys and well I never really think of self care in terms of men.  That's rather short sighted of me though isn't it.  For two big reasons.  One, men need self care.  They need moments of calm and quiet.  Maybe I think that men demand those times for themselves more easily than woman but that's not a bad thing.  IN FACT that's a good thing. And reason number two.  One of these men in my life will probably have a woman in his life.  They need to know she needs time and if she doesn't take it herself she needs to be encouraged to do it.  In fact maybe more importantly than encouraging a woman to take time for herself men need to realize that when a woman takes time for herself its for the whole family.  Or for your work family.  We as humans function better when we are calm and in peace and well rested and healthy.  I love being busy.  I love good stress but bad stress, no thank you.

So I know that as women and mothers we should be able to take time for ourselves but I know many of us struggle with it.    So think of self care as care for your family.  But also as a chance to show your kids that its okay to make self care a priority.

We all need to take of ourselves.  We need to raise our kids to know that its okay to do that.

Its not selfish.  Its necessary.  Go forth and face mask and meditate and put your feet up.