I love habits...yes, its true.


I used to proudly claim that "I'm not good with change."  As if that was some sort of badge of honor.  As if not being good with change was a good thing.  Now I embrace change.  I lean into it.  I know that with change comes good things.  That being scared is good.  

That being said, I love habits.  I love the routines.  I'm not exaggerating.  The word love is not an exaggeration here.  I embrace my habits.  At least if they are good habits.  I try to get as many good habits as possible because if I make good habits it means I don't have to think about it.  Its hard to make good habits but its not hard to keep good habits.  Once you've got them you can keep them.  (Current good habit I'm trying to work on is going to bed early...obviously I'm less than successful.)

The habits.  Our daily routines.   The simple things.  Right now they are what make up the fabric of our  lives.  Because lets be honest, with three little ones life is unpredictable enough.  (I mean we found three bugs they put in a box for toothpaste today because they thought it would make a good home.)  

Sure I dream big.  I set goals.  But that doesn't mean I don't find the joy and magic in my every day. I try to find the magic in the simple things.  Like a hot cup of tea.  Or a beautiful pebble.  (Or at least beautiful to me.  I love a rock collection.)

So lets keep dreaming big.  Keep setting goals.  But lets find the joy in the in the simple things.  In our habits.  If you do you will be forever grateful.  Or perhaps if you are grateful and then you will find the joy in the every day.