18 for 2018

Its May 30th.  I've used excuse after excuse not do my 18 in 2018 list.  There are 7 months left in the year.  Some things I'm working.  Some things are super aspirational.  Either way, they're on the list.  I've written them down. I'm sharing them with the world.  Time to make a plan to hit these goals.

1. Date night with Nick (each month)

2. Monthly date with boys

3. Monthly featured country

4. Meditate daily

5. 5 alone minutes with each boy each night

6. Learn to play one song on the guitar

7. Finish Wedding Album

8.  Finish baby books and photo organization

9. Weekly piano lessons with A

10. Make a capsule wardrobe

11. Complete and launch course (Goals on the Side)

12. Finish 3 (3!!) Children's books and be an active member of 12x12

13. Read the book shelf

14.  Launch a podcast

15.  Learn to knit (again)

16. Become more involved in activist pursuits

17.  Work hard to pass full day K

18.  Set up seasonal family bucket lists and do them