No More Hiding


No matter what I say or do or type the proof is right in front of me.  I used to have good posture.  I used to stand up straight and proud in photos, or if not proud at least straight.  As I look at photos from the last few weeks more than anything I notice is my posture.  And its not bad posture because I forgot to stand up straight its bad posture because I’m hiding.  I’m literally trying to shrink in photos.  I’m hunching over as if that will make me fit into the photo.  As if that will make me be smaller. 

I spend way too much time and energy trying to prevent double chins. 

Its happening with clothing too.  Dark colors.  Loose fitting clothing.  Sweaters that cover the bumps and lumps. 

I cover myself up and then I hide myself.

I can’t say that I will not do that.  I’m not making any resolution.  I’m setting an intention.

I will stop trying to hide my body.  I will not cover it up in some sort of shame. 

I am worthy of feeling happy.

Each day I will commit to loving myself a little more.

I belong in any room that I walk into.  I belong in any photo. 

So do you.