21 Reasons to love the 21 Day Fix

  1. A new quote for every workout.

  2. 7 days of no repeating

  3. The hardest move of the entire workout is the first one.  (Get that out of the way!)

  4. A great 10 minute abs

  5. Simple eating plan

  6. Colorful containers

  7. Chocolate chips (allowed in the eating plan)

  8. Cheese (allowed in the eating plan)

  9. Avocado (allowed in the eating plan)

  10. Accessible via DVD or Beachbody on Demand

  11. Cardio/Pilates/Yoga/Weights- I never get bored.

  12. My favorite workout.  (Say hey for Dirty 30)

  13. The small talk- It always makes me laugh.  (Her wedding is still only 6 weeks away.)

  14. PG- No swearing.  Always positive.  No talk about losing weight.  Just talking about muscles.  My kids love Autumn.

  15. Kat, the modifier.  If you watched her you know her and you love her.  

  16. Autumn.  She's not annoying in the videos and if you follow her in Instagram she's endearing.  

  17. Its only 21 Days long.

  18. Each day is a different workout but its the same for each day of the week.  Once I know that Wednesday is legs day I never have to learn it again.  

  19.  I can do it in my living room (usually in my bare feet.)

  20. I've watched person after person learn how to eat healthier using the 21 Day Fix eating plan.

  21. It is the first program I ever used to lead a challenge group and those challengers are still people I'm so close to and we continue to love and inspire each other over 2 years later.

  22. Bonus!  It showed me the power of working a program and an eating plan day in and day out.  It works if you work it!