#TovahReads- Born a Crime

Book review time! That's right, I just finished listening to Trevor Noah's Born A Crime, and I have to say, just like I think with almost all memoirs, if you can listen to this Audible or from the library, I highly suggest that you listen to this because he is hilarious. His voices of his family and his friends are fantastic and totally on point. Now, I don't know how long it would have taken me to read this book had I not listened to it, but it has been the fastest book that I've listened to in recent time.  Definitely a small look, or peak into a world in South Africa that I will admit that I knew little to nothing about. Now am probably going to be looking for more books about South Africa. 

But in addition to being that peak at South Africa, it was also just this great look into his personal life and based on all of his experiences, like I normally find, there are heroes in everyday life. I read a lot of personal development. I read it and I listen to it on Audible, but often I find memoirs to be the strongest places for personal development. Sometimes it's just one sentence or one story, so you do read this whole book and you just get one thing, but it is always worth that one nugget of inspiration or story of inspiration.  In this book, I feel like I found a few nuggets.

From learning how Trevor Noah's mother parented, learning how she raised her son and what she demanded from him and what her expectations were, and how she lived her life. There was no expectation that he would ever need to be educated properly.

Even those that were educated and were given this potential, weren't necessarily given the resources to use that potential. He said, "If you give a man a fish, you've fed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you've fed him for a lifetime.  But you need to give him a fishing rod." It's one thing to show a person their potential, but you need to give them the tools and his resource to reach that potential. In his case, the resources was a CD burner so he could pirate music, but I think the same goes for other tools and other things to help someone meet their potential and meet their goals.

The book focused on the way he hustled, day after day after day, as a child and as a younger person in South Africa. f you are interested in learning about more South Africa, if you're interested in learning more about Trevor Noah obviously, and if you just want to laugh this is definitely your book.

There were stories where I'm driving along and the people on the highway must've thought I was crazy because I was just laughing and laughing and laughing out loud. That is my review of Trevor Noah's Born A Crime. I highly suggest you take the time to read it or even better, listen to it.

Do you have a favorite memoir?