Welcome September

It's always the changing seasons that makes me realize how quickly we move through the year. Summer to fall is, probably, my favorite transition between all the seasons. Fall to winter isn't that exciting because it gets over passed by the holidays. But summer to fall, as much as I mourn the last days of the summer, and the sun, and the pool, and the beach, and beer that tastes like watermelon, there's something relaxing about moving into fall. I know that's counter-intuitive, and I'm sure that that will change as my kids get older. The back-to-school grind is just starting to show up.  But as sad as I always am to say goodbye to summer, I have to admit, I kind of enjoy putting the pool stuff away. I enjoy not having to worry about making sure the kids have money for ice cream day, or clothing for sprinkler day. These are small concerns, obviously, but it's just nice to not have to worry about those.  More than anything I think I like the order that the fall and the school year brings.  


I love the beginning of the school year. I love the anticipation, and the excitement. Even though, up until this year, we really haven't had anyone in our house starting school. There's something so new, and fresh, and exciting about it. Now, this year, with a new rising kindergartner about to set out on his way, I'm a little more excited. I'm a little more mournful, not just of summer, but of his first, sweet five years. I'm a little scared that he is going to get exposed to the world, as if he hasn't been exposed for the last five years, in daycare. But there's something crazy about the fact that he is going to be in a school with nine and ten year olds because, in my house, those are very old kids. So this year the transition from summer to fall is a little more sad and a little more exciting all at the same time.  This concept of being happy and sad at the same time is something my oldest is just starting to learn.  Sadness of letting go of old friends and happiness at starting something new.  (I may have busted out the Girl Scouts classic "Make new friends, but keep the old."

As much as I'm going to miss the flip-flops, I can't say that I'm not excited for flannel, and football, and pumpkin spice things.  Birthday parties and the focus on gratitude that the community and it seems the country begins to feel as we move closer to Thanksgiving.

So, as much as I mourn summer, and I'm not quite finished with it. I have a few days left before I totally trade in everything, and I'm sure, as soon as I get excited for the fall, it's going to be 95 degrees, again. But I think I'm ready to let go of summer. Never entirely. Never completely, but once again, it's always this time of year that makes me realize, as soon as I get over summer, it will be back again before I know it.