Not a nudge but rather a swift kick in the bum

Sometimes life is subtle.  It gives you a little nudge.  Whether you believe in a Universe or God or a Higher Power its nice to believes that someone or something else is pulling the strings, just a little bit.  Its nice to think that there is a greater purpose, a greater plan.  Sort of a wizard behind the curtains.  Its a simple and easy way to make sense of the world.  Most of the time this other force will put in you a direction.  If you open yourself up it might push a little harder.  Well in the last week I've started to listen to the Universe Has Your Back.  I've tried to open myself up to possibilities.  To be ready.  In fact my word for today was READY.  Little did I know.  The Universe did not push or nudge me but kicked me out on my bum.  Apparently the Universe does have a plan for me.  I don't know what is it yet but it was certainly tired of waiting for me to figure it out. 

And so here I am trusting the Universe to have  plan.  Trusting that it will reveal its plan until I figure it out.  Trusting that it will take care of me until I do.