Tovah Kopan was practicing law for six years until one day she decided to enhance and expand her career. She quickly made moves into the world of legal research consulting. 

Staying in and around law; Tovah trains and coaches teams of lawyers. Showing law firms how to reach their yearly goals takes pure dedication and that is something that Tovah is known for.

The desire to help others reach their goals and her love of fitness has also led Tovah to be a health coach. Consistently helping others as well as her own family reach their health and fitness goals is a priority for Tovah. 

Tovah works with individuals, families and corporations to configure specific nutrition and fitness plans. Pinpointing the best fit for their personal goals and lifestyle. Ongoing support and accountability is provided so all goals can be achieved throughout the process and journey of working together.   

Combining her love of the law and having the passion to help others; Tovah works with lawyers to reach their personal and professional goals. She supplies them with the knowledge and tools to turn their dreams into achievable goals that will help them succeed.

While spending her career working online Tovah has had the opportunity to connect with many lawyers, friends, moms and more on social media. 

Tovah learned to navigate and embrace Facebook and Instagram throughout all the algorithm changes and has made those platforms her two favorite when it comes to networking. 

While some busy professionals view social media as a negative, Tovah has seen it as opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, engage in great conversations and be able to take her career to the next level.

Tovah has grown an amazing community and network using these tools and truly enjoys being able to help others do the same.